My Travels Through Italy in February



Here I am again, super late in updating my blog.  I’ve been back from Italy for more than a month, but it’s been a little bit crazy here in Orleans with work and everything else that’s been going on. *Disclaimer: This blog’s been cut quite short because I wanted to get it put up before my post about my spring break, so sorry for that. That’s why it starts off with a lot and then the descriptions get significantly shorter….*

So in my February break from school, my friend Madison and I traveled to Italy for two weeks.  We started our trip in Milan and the proceeded on to Rome, Naples, Florence, Venice, and Turin.  Naturally, we did a lot in those two weeks, so I think I’m just going to include mostly just the highlights for each city to keep this blog from becoming ridiculously long.


The first city that we explored was Milan. We spent two days in Milan and I found that it was a really beautiful city.  My favorite thing that we saw in the city was the Duomo or cathedral.  It was beautiful and different from any of the cathedrals that I’ve seen in France.  We walked climbed up to the roof of the cathedral in the rain as well, which was very cool.  Later that day, after wandering around the city, we went to a modern art museum.  It was a nice museum, and had a great view over the main square with the Duomo.  Our hostel also had an aperitivo that night, where they had a bunch of free dinner food if you bought a drink in the bar that was there.  We ate dinner in the hostel that night and it was really cool.   It was probably one of the nicest hostels I’ve ever stayed in.  The second day we were there, I had risotto for lunch.  The risotto had saffron in it and it was a really typical Milanese dish. We also explored a castle that had feral cats living in the gardens around it, which was adorable.


After Milan,we spent 3 days in Rome. One of the coolest things for me was that we arrived in Rome super early in the morning. Though I wasn’t initially pleased to be awake, we went to see the Trevi fountain and almost no one else was there.  When I went to see it in December it was so crowded, so getting to see it like this was perfect! Later that day, we went to see the Sistine Chapel.  It was worth seeing, but I didn’t know that they led you through museums and buildings and gardens before you even got to see the chapel.  It took several hours to see everything!  We also went to see Saint Peter’s Basilica and waited in line about three hours to see it.  The basilica was lovely, but at that point I was very tired of standing and waiting. That night for dinner, we went to dinner our roommates from the hostel.  They were super nice and it was fun to meet some new people. The food at the restaurant was amazing (though I didn’t eat much in Italy that I didn’t love).

The second day in Rome we went to the Castel Sant’Angelo. This was once the residence of the Pope but has been turned into a museum.  It had stunning views over the city and the Tiber river.  We also saw some lovely fountains and the Colosseum later that day.  That night, we had dinner with Nunzia and Vito.  I was so happy that they could take time out of their  busy schedules to meet up with us.  After dinner, we walked around the Trastevere quarter of room.  It was cool to see such a lively place at night, but it was also bizarre because there were so many people speaking English there since there are many American universities in the city.

On our third day in Rome, we spent the morning in the Villa Borghese, a big beautiful park in the city.  The weather was so nice while we were in Rome, so I was happy for us to spend some time outside.


Pompeii was an amazing site as well, and something that I never thought I’d see. I can’t tell you how fascinating it was to be walking through a city so much older than almost anything else I’ve seen in my life.  Naples was nice to visit again. The city’s coast is gorgeous, especially in the setting sun.


What a cool city for art! Saw many museums and galleries and they were hosting a chocolate festival while we were there.  The duomo in Florence is also gorgeous.


A city like none other I’ve ever been to.  What gorgeous canals! We visiting some of the neighboring islands while there and I was impressed by the picturesque houses. Also, a lovely modern art museum, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, calls Venice its home.


Many nice museums in this city. It was a nice calmer end to the whirlwind trip.


Anyway, linked below is are the albums of photos that I took over the trip. As per usual I went a bit photo happy….

As I said previously, expect a post about my spring break adventures very very soon!