Arrival in France


Yesterday at about 11am I arrived in Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, France. My flight went by quite quickly as I slept for most of it, which was good considering my long day of traveling ahead.  From the airport, I had to take two trains and the metro in order to get to Orléans. There was a lot of time spent waiting for my last train, which was good but also stressful because I was ready to be done traveling.  Once I arrived in Orléans, the teacher that I will be working with this year picked me up from the train station and we took a tram to the house I will be staying in with my host family.  It was nice to get to meet some of the people that I will be working with and spending time with this year and everyone has been really nice so far.

I am lucky enough to have my own room and bathroom at my host family’s house.  The room has a window that looks out over the street and it’s cool to look out and see the cars and trams go by.  My host family also has a cat named Figaro.

Today, it was really hard for me to get up because I’m still on American time. It’s only the early afternoon and I’m already wishing I could take a nap.  I am hoping to explore the town some, but I’m also not exactly sure where anything is and I don’t want to get lost. The weather here is also quite a bit chillier than it as at home, so I’ adjusting to the change in temperature as well. Tomorrow afternoon I will be going into town to take care of some things that I need to get done, like getting a French phone, a tram pass, and a bank account.

I guess that’s all for now, but once I explore the town some, I will post some pictures 🙂


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