Here’s another update


I have been really bad at updating this, so here’s a little update on my life.  I’ve been having courses with the masters students at REEDS, and they’ve been pretty good.  It’s been nice to meet some more new people.  Last weekend I went sightseeing in Paris and got to walk the Champs-Elysées with some friends. We ended up seeing some fireworks at Sacre Coeur as well and they were beautiful. It was so amazing to be able to watch fireworks near such a historic cathedral, especially because it’s not something that I could do at home.

It’s starting to feel like fall here as the weather has really cooled down.  Also, it’s weird to be missing out on some of the fall traditions that we have at home this year.  Not making pumpkin flavored desserts and the lack of apple cider and apple orchards here is strange.  Also, apparently apple orchards and apple picking in the fall is a U.S. thing because none of my European friends associate this with fall like I do. However, France really is beautiful in the fall. The weather is a lot like home, so that helps.

This week has been nice so far because I haven’t had classes as my professors are in Africa.  However, on Thursday I will be attending a conference on agroecology in Paris.  I think it’s really cool that I have the opportunity to attend a sustainability related conference while in France and I hope to learn a lot while I’m there.

That’s about it for now…


3 thoughts on “Here’s another update

  1. bonnie

    So glad you are enjoying you time there!! It sounds like you are getting a lot out of it!! We can’t wait to see you! Love You Bunches
    Aunt Bonnie

  2. Lauren

    I know I don’t comment on every post, but I am reading them all!! I love being able to hear about the amazing experience you are having!! 🙂 We miss you at DMMS!

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