The beginning of a big adventure…


It’s amazing to me to think that on Monday I will be in France.  I’ve been preparing all summer, but for some reason it still hasn’t seemed real to me.  This will be the longest amount of time I’ve ever been away from home without the ability to come back for a while.  It’s crazy to think that I will be gone for nearly four whole months.  Don’t even get me started on packing.  My suitcase looked gigantic until I opened it up and started to fill it.  I am also nervous to fly by myself for the first time and arrive in a country where I am not 100% comfortable speaking the language

Even with all of the worries and frustrations that come with preparing for a long time away from home, I really am excited.  I’ve wanted to o to France ever since I was a little girl obsessed with reading the Madeline books.  Having the opportunity to study abroad in such a beautiful place and make friends that I will keep for a lifetime is unreal to me.  Being given the chance to study the environment in a place that is so much more eco-conscious than the United States and improve my French at the same time was one that I just couldn’t pass up.  So here begins a blog about my adventures, struggles, and life in France.


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